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The nose has a right and a left, we use both to inspire and expire.
In fact they are different: the right represents the sun, left the Moon

During a headache, try closing the right nostril and use the left to breathe.
Within about five minutes the headache should go away. If you feel tired, do the opposite: close the left nostril and breathe right.  
One moment your mind will feel relieved.
The right side belongs to the "hot" (Sun) so it heats up quickly The left side belongs to the "cold" (Moon)
Most women breathe with the left side of the nose, then cool down quickly Most men breathe through the right nostril and it influences them.  

Notice when they wake up, which side breathes better, or more? Right or left? If the left you will feel tired.  
Then close the left nostril and use the right to breathe, you feel relieved quickly.  
This can and should be taught to children, but is most effective when practiced by adults. A friend used to have severe headaches and always went to the doctor. There was a time that he suffered from headaches literally every night, being unable to study
He took painkillers, but did not work.
He decided to try this therapy : closing the right nostril and breathed the left.
In less than a week your headache is gone.
ontinued the exercise for a month.
This natural alternative therapy without drugs is something that he has gained experience.
So... why not try ?

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