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Shantala is a technique discovered by Frederick Leboyer, and consists of a daily moment of affection between mother and infant / child.
The Shantala is an ancient Indian massage, no record of exactly when it appeared in Kerala in southern India.
It was discovered when the French doctor Frederick Leboyer, passing through India, he came across the scene of a woman on a public sidewalk massaging your baby.
His name was Shantala, she was paralyzed and was living in a charity association in Pilkhana, Calcutta.

The environment which traveled Leboyer until then was quite hostile, but the scene of massage done with that beauty and harmony of the movements of Shantala, transformed everything around you

Leboyer asked to photograph it and film it.
She admired for his interest in a practice as simple and common place, and accepted.
For days he followed the Shantala massage on her baby, capturing every movement carefully. 

Leboyer made it possible for the photographs expressing the all the depth and love involved. 
 "Yes, babies have need of milk,
But much more to be loved and receive affection
 Be taken, packaged, caressed, massaged and caught "
In honor of that mother, the name of massage technique in babies is called Shantala.
In India, this practice does not have a specific name, because it is an activity that is part of the baby care routine.
Thanks to the "discovery" Leboyer, and his book: Shantala, massage for babies: a traditional art, Shantala is becoming more popular worldwide and growing every day the number of scientific studies that aim to demonstrate its benefits. 

But there is one aspect that implements the scientific research and their proofs: The relationship Mãe-Filho/Pai-Filho. It was this fascination, the relationship, interaction and bonding that enchanted Leboyer and that the West has become a way of parents go more deep on the bonding with their babies.
Shantala represents a special time offering the opportunity for parents to have a more prolonged contact with the baby.
The caring touch is the best way to approach the parents of the baby after a working day, giving love and affection through the hands. 
 This contact will greatly assist parents to get to know your baby's body and how they communicate, it is very important and will help us a lot on the difficult days with the child.

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