domingo, 11 de julho de 2010


Hello dear friends !

I hope this Blog can contribute in some way for their development.
My goal is to disseminate and teach the little I learned about this wonderful science, a veritable wealth of knowledge hidden for centuries, and now all ready to be used in both health and personal life.
The word Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit - an ancient dead language in INDIA - where "AYUS" - which means life .. and "VEDA" - knowledge.

Thus AYURVEDA can be understood as "knowledge of life."
Explore the AYURVEDA.. is so simple !!...
and extremely accessible to everyone!

I look forward to your comments, suggestions, and hope to somehow be useful to you, readers, in their search for their health and personal balance.


Lalitha Ji 
( Rasanandi Devi Dasi - HDG ) 
Ph number : 005521 8872 6904

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